What do we breed?

Best Layers

Hyline hen – £17 each

Arguably the worlds best layers Hyline hens are common place pecking around the UK’s largest commercial egg farms and can be expected to lay three hundred eggs per year. Hyline hens also get on well with children and domestic pets as well as in large egg laying flocks.​

White Star hen – £17 each

Small and prolific, the White Star is a white egg layer. White Star hens can be expected to produce around three hundred good sized eggs a year. White Stars are very independent hens and love nothing more than to get out into the outdoors and begin exploring.

Rhode Rock hen – £17

The Rhode Rock is very similar to the notorious Black Rock laying hybrid. Her black and golden plumage combined with her excellent laying abilities make Rhode rock hens a sensible choice for any poultry keeper looking for a beautiful hen who pays her keep.

Fancy egg layers

Cream Legbar hen – £20 each

The Cream Legbar is one of the most rewarding breeds to keep because it is unique in so many ways. Firstly, Cream Legbars are one of the few pure breeds which are auto-sexing – meaning that the gender of chicks can be determined at day old – the males are born with a white dot on their heads. The colour of a Cream Legbar egg is blue rather than the conventional brown colour found in most supermarkets. By nature Cream Legbars are of a very inquisitive mind set, they like to explore their living space fully and get into high places where possible. Cream Legbars are full of personality and will liven any coop up.​

Gold Crest hen – £20 each

The Gold Crest hen is a natural poser, she knows she is the most beautiful hen in the coop with her bright yellow legs and golden crest. Gold Crest females lay green eggs in generous quantities. This tall, majestic hen loves to free range in the garden or in fields. She enjoys finding her own food in long grass or coming over to her human for some love and attention. The Gold Crest is a Porter’s Poultry exclusive breed.

Garden favourites

Pied Ranger hen – £17 each

Pied Ranger hens a medium sized hen and popular purchase for domestic hen keepers. Pied Ranger hens can be expected to lay between two-hundred and fifty to two-hundred and sixty eggs per year.

Speckledy hen – £17 each

Based on the traditional Cuckoo Maran of France the Speckledy is a heavy hen who shares many parallels with the bird she is based upon. The main difference between the Maran and Speckledy is that the Speckledy is a much better layer and can be expected to lay two-hundred and fifty brown eggs per year.​

Light Sussex Hen – £17 each

The Light Sussex is one of the most traditional British poultry breeds. Light Sussex gained popularity due to their duel purpose qualities, they are great layers and also a broad breasted table bird. This Breed lays around 260 brown eggs a year. The Light Sussex is no stranger to rearing chicks of her own and has very good mothering instincts.

Bluebell hen – £17 each

The Bluebell is a large, heavy breed hen, however by her very nature the Bluebell hen is gentle and docile. She gets on well with all hens and humans with ease. Bluebell’s are certainly amongst our top sellers at Porter’s Poultry, much loved for their beauty and decent egg laying performance. Female Bluebell hens can be expected to lay around 250 eggs per year. Sometimes referred to as Beachwood Blues or blue rangers. Providing they are well looked after the Bluebell hen will be a lovable pet and be very rewarding to keep.